Stray Current


Did you know that stray current can kill a new radiator in just three weeks?

Sometimes the most brutal cause of damage to vehicle components is unseen. The above photo shows an aluminium radiator assembly that failed after only three weeks of service. Normally the component should last at least three years.

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Possible causes of failure are:

  • Failure to diagnose and correct a stray current problem prior to fitting a new radiator.
  • A vehicle has been in an accident or has had an electrical after market accessory fitted, leading to inadequate grounding of components.
  • Damaged motor fan wires coming in contact with the radiator.
  • Damaged wiring insulation, faulty or incorrectly installed electric fans, or faulty relays and earth straps that are either missing or covered in paint overspray after a panel repairs.

The resulting radiator damage:

  • Systematic removal of the corrosion protection layer on the inside of the radiator tube through electrolysis.
  • Corrosion of the tube typically resulting in multiple holes.
  • Build up of aluminium hydroxide blocking passages.
  • White aluminium hydroxide powder visible through the inlet and outlet pipes.

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