Franchising Model

Natrad Franchise Regional Managers
Real time business support and communication are paramount to the Natrad network’s success and dynamics in a changing market place. Our Franchise Regional Managers are trained to help you grow your business and assist you in maximising the benefits of the Natrad Franchise. They help you develop the business practices required to ensure the professionalism of both the network and your individual business.

Franchise Marketing Team
Professional marketing support is one of the biggest benefits of the Natrad Franchise. As an individual business the cost and time required to produce a large scale promotional campaign is prohibitive. By using Natrad’s central marketing function franchisees have access to a level of professionalism and a wider audience than could be achieved alone. Our Franchise Marketing Team is able to create and develop material to continually reinforce the Natrad brand and image.

Natrad Auto Cooling Service Centre
Natrad’s 131 723 number is a national hotline that connects customers with their nearest Natrad store. This centralised service has some major advantages: one phone number can be advertised for all stores and customers only have to remember one number.