Our guide to AC compressor kits

Noticed insufficient cooling with your AC?

It’s a warm summer day and you might be thinking, I could really use some fresh air right about now. You turn on the AC and crank up the dial to the coldest setting possible, only for nothing to come out…

There’s nothing more frustrating than not having the cool, dry air you need in the sweltering heat. The cooling specialists at Natrad understand, which is why we have the perfect fix. Read more to find out how to get your AC system running back at full capacity.

Natrad offers great value AC compressor kits, backed by a nationwide 3 year warranty. Contact your local Natrad to find out more.

Our guide to AC compressor kits

What is an AC compressor kit you ask?

A compressor kit is a comprehensive bundle which contains the crucial components for an AC system repair. Natrad’s AC compressor kit includes:

The compressor kit is the ideal fix to a system-wide problem. A failed compressor can damage other parts over time, leading to contamination and additional part failures. Replacement is the best option and helps prevent contamination to brand new parts once the system is repaired.

So, how long does a compressor last?

ac compressor

The life span of a compressor varies based on your car, how well it has been cared for and any possible manufacturing faults. Generally, it’s expected to last between 8-10 years, but of course, this is dependent on individual circumstances.

Natrad offers a 3-year warranty on compressor kits for the ultimate peace of mind and a healthy system that won’t be susceptible to further damage.

Compressor failure signs and symptoms

If you’ve noticed something odd with your AC system, it could be the compressor. As the beating heart of the system, it’s responsible for pressurising and distributing refrigerant around to the rest of the components. Without it, the system would not be able to function.

It’s also the only component that is connected directly to the engine, which makes it more susceptible to wear and tear. Various elements such as the drive belt, pulleys or internal components may become worn.

If you’ve noticed a reduction in air flow or warm air, this could indicate something is wrong with the compressor.

Some other key signs to look out for include:

  • Weird noises: could be caused by worn or broken belts/pulleys. There are several other causes, this symptom should be addressed promptly.
  • Smell of burning: likely the wiring of compressor is damaged or burnt. This symptom is also urgent.
  • Leaking dashboard: clogged hose or drain could be to blame. Age and moisture can also cause system leaks.
  • Fogging in humid weather: the compressor keeps you cool but also draws moisture out your car’s cabin, keeping your windscreen and windows clear on the defog settings. Fogging could mean the compressor has failed.

Any of these symptoms are abnormal and should be addressed as soon as possible. Prolonging repairs could result in damage to other system components.

Why go with a compressor kit?

If there is significant damage to your AC system, a compressor kit presents excellent value. By replacing all the necessary parts available in one package, you’re getting a proven long-term solution for a great price.

What now?

Get in touch with your nearest cooling specialist for more information on the best compressor kit for you. We have a wide variety of kits suitable to a huge range of vehicle applications. View the range here.