Is it a faulty radiator?

Have you been experiencing trouble with your radiator lately? Maybe your car has been overheating or leaking coolant. Well, lucky for you Natrad are the cooling specialists and we are here to help.

Your radiator is an essential part of the cooling system and without it, your car would not be driveable. If you’ve noticed some odd behaviour, there might be a bigger problem at play. You may need to fix or replace your radiator.

Natrad offers a 3 year nationwide warranty on radiators, supported by Australia’s leading radiator manufacturer and supplier, Adrad. Need a new radiator? Nip into Natrad today.

Is it the radiator?

Your cooling system contains upwards of 20 individual parts, so it can sometimes be hard to tell what is causing the problem. If you’re experiencing overheating or leakage, any number of these parts could be to blame. So, how can you tell it’s your radiator?

Some key indicators are the following:

  • Clear signs of corrosion on the radiator (pitting or rust)
  • Leakage from radiator tubes where they meet the header tank
  • Clogged fins which may reduce airflow
  • Internal clogging (such as sludge-like coolant) which prevents the radiator from performing well. You can spot this simply by looking at the coolant through the filler neck or coolant reservoir

If you’ve noticed any of these, then the next step is pretty simple. Get in touch with a professional who can properly inspect the cooling system and advise next steps. Natrad offers a free cooling system inspection valued at $55! coolant leak car radiator

What will this cost me?

Estimating costs for repairs or replacements is tricky since there is a large number of cooling system parts. Depending on the circumstances of the problem and the individual vehicle, costs will vary significantly. It could be as easy as replacing a radiator cap for a few dollars or more complex by replacing several big parts like the radiator or water pump.

What drives up the cost of repairs?

While we can’t give you a good guesstimate on prices, we can tell you what to look out for. Some things may increase repair or replacement costs, so it’s important to maintain the system to minimise the chance of trouble. Some factors that may increase costs include:

  • Labour: modern cars or special vehicles can sometimes have parts that are difficult to access, which leads to increased labour. This will certainly drive up the price of any repairs. To make sure you solve the problem first time around, Nip into Natrad for a free cooling system check.
  • Rare parts: if you have a special vehicle, sometimes sourcing parts can be difficult. If this is the case, Natrad can help. We can provide custom made radiator designs for a range of applications, including modified cars, vintage or classic vehicles, tight fitment or performance cars.
  • Significant system damage: if there is serious damage to several parts within the system, you might be looking at a whole system replacement. This obviously can be pretty costly. Factoring in labour, cost of replacement parts and standard processes like a system flush, the bill can be pretty big.

The best medicine is usually prevention. While you should be maintaining the system and servicing regularly, if a problem does occur, don’t delay. Getting to the root of the issue as soon as possible can save other parts of the system from being compromised as well. If your car is just too old and the cost to replace the radiator for your vehicle does not fit within your budget then it might be time to upgarde, you coulf always consider selling your car for cash and upgrading!

What now?

Have you noticed any of the aforementioned signs and symptoms? Then it’s time to talk to your local Natrad. Our experienced technicians can assess and diagnose the problem and can easily carry out any necessary repairs. Find your local store today!