Problems to look out for

Is your radiator sending you warning signals?

Ask yourself the following questions about your car:

  • Does your car’s temperature gauge often go up into the red on hot days?
  • Do you often have to top up your radiator with water on hot days?
  • Are you towing heavy loads?
  • Are you traveling for long periods?
  • Are you aware that a leaking heater system can lead to scalding inside the vehicle?
  • Are you using quality radiator products?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the first four questions and ‘no’ to the last two questions, then it’s time to nip into Natrad for a Cooling System Inspection. Our specialists will diagnose any issues with your cooling system and propose the appropriate solution.

To book in for a Natrad Cooling System Inspection call us on 131 723.