How much does it cost to have an aircon re-gassed?

Your car air conditioning regas price will vary depending on the cause of the gas leak

We’d love to offer a fixed price for regassing an AC system, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Here’s why.

Your car AC regas price will vary depending on the vehicle type and the store location. You’d expect that re-gassing a large 4×4 in Broome will likely cost more than doing the same to a small hatchback in Melbourne.

Your local Natrad workshop can advise about the price only after they know some details about your car’s air conditioner.

Natrad is here to help keep your air conditioning running smoothly all year round. For a fair and honest aircon regas service, nip into your local Natrad workshop.

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We inspect and repair air conditioning systems for all vehicle types.

An aircon regas may also involve diagnostic work and parts to fix the vehicle properly. It would be pointless, after all, for us to regas your air conditioner just for you to return a week or two later for further repairs. That’s why your car aircon regas cost includes a full aircon service.

Depending on the repairs required, an aircon regas will vary. If the cost is any different from the quoted amount, your Natrad technician will get in touch to let you know. Your confirmation is still required before any further repairs are carried out.

Can any mechanic regas a car air conditioner?

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Refrigerant gas used in a car air conditioning system can cause damage to the Earth’s ozone layer if it escapes. Refrigerant gas must therefore be carefully handled according to strict regulations, using specialised equipment. A technician handling refrigerant gas must hold a current licence.

Natrad has licensed technicians who are qualified and registered with Arctick, so you can be confident they have the skills and specialised tools to perform an aircon regas safely.

What are the risks of getting a cheap aircon regas?

Seeing a technician who doesn’t hold a current refrigerant handling licence could result in refrigerant gas being unsafely released into the atmosphere. A loophole in the law means that workshops offering a cheap regas price might not use the correct refrigerant specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Some technicians might replace this gas with the much cheaper hydrocarbon-based gas.

Hydrocarbon-based gas is much cheaper than inert r134a or r1234yf (the original gas found in your vehicle’s air conditioning system). However, every vehicle’s air conditioning system is specifically designed to work with a particular refrigerant. Using hydrocarbon gas when your air conditioning system is supposed to work with r134a or r1234yf could damage the system.

Another risk of using a hydrocarbon gas such as M30 or HyChill in your vehicle air conditioner system, is that this gas is highly flammable. You’d be putting yourself and your passengers at risk of a fire or explosion in the event of an accident. Paying a higher aircon regas cost and having a licensed refrigerant technician perform the job means your car’s air conditioning will be operating correctly and safely. 

What does a qualified technician do for the aircon regas price?

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An aircon regas cost at Natrad includes a full air conditioning service. Here’s what our licensed technician will do:

1. Remove the refrigerant gas from your vehicle

The first step in servicing your vehicle’s air conditioning system is to safely remove refrigerant gas from the system by using a specialised machine. Once the refrigerant gas has been removed from the system, it will be weighed to determine how much gas has been lost.

2. Determine the cause of the aircon problem

When we encounter a problem with your air conditioner, it may have been caused by several issues. A qualified Natrad technician will check why your car’s air conditioner isn’t working properly.

This includes an inspection of the hoses, drive belt pulleys, valve & thermostat operation, air vent temperature, compressor, condenser and a test for any leaks.

3. Contact you to discuss the problem

If the problem with your air conditioner can be easily fixed during a standard service, the aircon regas cost will be unaffected. Your technician will complete the repair and contact you to collect your car.

Filters will be cleaned or replaced, and any harmful mould or bacteria will be prevented from entering your car’s cabin. After a complete air conditioner service, the cold air inside your car will be healthier for your lungs and likely cleaner than breathing the outside air.

If the problem identified requires a part replacement that isn’t part of the regular service, your technician will call you to discuss the issue and solution. You will also receive a quote for the complete repair. Repairs that could be required include the replacement of the compressor, condenser and/or electrical repairs.

4. Replace parts and test

If you decide to proceed with the aircon regas and repair, your Natrad technician will flush the entire system to remove debris and replace faulty parts and filters. The system will be tested for leaks and refilled with the correct refrigerant gas.

A final test to ensure the air conditioning system works effectively is performed before the job is complete.

5. Collect your properly cooled car

Your Natrad technician will call to inform you that your repaired vehicle is ready to be collected. With an effective air conditioner, your car will be a lot more comfortable for its occupants.

How do I choose where to have an aircon regas?

If your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t working as it should, it makes sense to get it serviced and working well before the heat of summer strikes. Choosing a qualified Natrad technician to do the job will ensure it’s done properly the first time.

You can be confident that correct refrigerant gas will be installed according to best practice environmental regulations. Our installation will meet the original specifications of your vehicle’s system.

Looking for a superior, reasonably priced aircon regassing? A Natrad technician won’t cut corners, providing a complete aircon regas service for a fair price.


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