Vintage car

Finding the right vintage car radiator can be simple

Finding an era specific vintage radiator can be tricky, but it is not impossible. If you’re looking for something special for your car, you’re definitely in the right place.

Authentic vintage radiators are not really available in working condition due to their age, so your options are:

  • to repair what you have, or
  • craft something new

Natrad can hand produce or source vintage-style radiators, made on original manufacturing equipment to suit your vehicle. Read on to discover what makes a good vintage radiator, and what sets Natrad apart.

The team at Natrad can help you get the right radiator for your vintage vehicle. Read more about how we can help with vintage car radiators.

Getting the right material for your vintage radiator

Material is one of your first considerations if you want to properly replicate or repair your radiator. The most common vintage designs are made of copper brass combinations and usually feature hexagon (honeycomb) or cellular core profiles. More on that later, but first, let’s get to know copper.

Up until the ’70s, cars were made predominantly with copper radiators which dominated the market. Copper has superior heat conductivity, high natural corrosion resistance, and is reasonably easy fabricate and repair. Once the world oil crisis occurred, things changed up a little, and the design transitioned to aluminium and later to alloy. However, copper designs remain popular in off-roading and commercial or industrial truck applications.

Natrad has access to the best high quality materials to fabricate a radiator to your specific needs.

The core profile design of your vintage radiator

Don’t worry if your car is rare or unique in size and shape. Natrad can accommodate your needs by crafting parts specific to your vehicle.

The core profiles usually found on vintage radiators are hexagon (honeycomb) or cellular. Tubular is also an option but is a lot less common. Tubular designs rely on a tube system. In a hot water engine, the water flows through a series of tubes or pipe sections connected to the header and footer tanks and air flows over these leading to engine cooling.

Cellular and hexagon designs have tubes in their respective shapes. The advantage of getting a new core from Natrad is that this tube design allows for cleaning, which prevents you from having to replace the core if it becomes clogged. Water flows through the spaces between them while air passes through the tubes, resulting in the exchanging of heat from the engine.

Depending on what profile your car radiator has, in order to maintain the integrity of the original piece, it is best to replicate what it already has. There is no major disadvantage in having one or the other, especially since you are replacing an already existing part.

Natrad can offer custom made options for hexagon or cellular profiles, specified to the dimensions needed in your vehicle.

Download this catalogue to see what options are available.

Doing the research to find the right vintage radiator for your vehicle

Now that you know what makes up a typical vintage radiator, it’s time to look into what you need, specifically.

To assist a manufacturer with replicating or repairing your design, it would help to get your hands on an original working drawing. If this isn’t possible, gather as many detailed images as possible so technicians can get a good view of the spacing needed.

Measuring out the dimensions would also be helpful, and in some cases, it may be necessary to send the radiator itself.

Ready to get the best vintage car radiator?

Natrad offers radiator repair and installations services, and when a vintage design is involved, customisation is available.

Whatever your needs are, engineers can ensure proper fitment and authentic replication of the radiator so finding what you want is an easy task, not an impossible one.

When your car is back on the road, Natrad servicing and cooling specialists can help maintain your vehicle. Armed with expert knowledge on vintage radiators, your vehicle is in safe hands if anything goes wrong.

At Natrad, we have years of experience, and a dedicated team of car cooling experts. Find out more about how we can help with vintage car radiators.