Auto Air Con Regas Questions Answered

Regular maintenance of your car air conditioning system is important and may include getting an auto air con regas to ensure that your air con is performing correctly.

Your car air conditioning unit is a sealed system that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. However, refrigerant gas can leak from the system gradually. As the amount of refrigerant gas in the car air con decreases, the air con won’t blow as cold.

If your car isn’t cooling as it should, nip into Natrad. We offer a superior air con regassing service for all vehicles, from personal cars, to commercial fleets.

Here’s what you need to know to ensure that your air con stays working on the hottest summer days:

Here’s What You Need To Know About Car Air Con Regassing:

1. How long does a car air con regas take?

To remove the refrigerant gas from your car air con system and replace it will fresh refrigerant will take around 45 minutes.

2. Do you need to make an appointment to have a car air con regas?

Yes, you’ll need to call and make a booking at a Natrad store near you. With over 50 stores located around Australia and more workshops joining all the time, you’ll find a workshop nearby who can inspect and regas your car air con.

3. Will my vehicle be checked for leaks before regassing?

Yes. Before the refrigerant gas is removed from the air con, an inspection and test is carried out to confirm if the air conditioner is in good working condition. The test will reveal if there is an issue with the car air conditioner system that needs to be investigated by your technician. They will then identify and fix any potential problems.

When the refrigerant gas is removed from the air con system, any suspicious parts can be removed and examined for wear or contamination. A technician will check the components are free from corrosion and leaks before fresh gas and lubricant are injected back into the car air con.

Auto aircon regas

4. How much gas is used annually?

In a well-maintained car air con system, no refrigerant gas will be lost. If your air conditioner system does lose refrigerant gas, this is an indication that there is a fault with the system. A Natrad air conditioning technician can diagnose and repair the problem.

5. Is car air con gas environmentally friendly?

R-134a, the refrigerant gas used in most vehicles, is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. That’s why it’s essential to have a licensed technician perform an auto air con regas using equipment that prevents the gas from escaping into the environment.

6. Should I keep a log book?

Your log book car service does not include auto air regas. The air conditioner isn’t an essential feature for the car to operate safely. However, making a note of when you have your car air con regassed is a good idea.

Keeping your car air conditioner in good condition will reduce the load on the engine, and improve fuel economy as a well-maintained air con uses less energy to cool the car.

In most parts of Australia, there are plenty of days over 30 degrees, and you’ll appreciate a fully-functioning air con on those days. If the air con struggles to keep your car cool, you should have a licensed technician inspect your car air con to determine if an auto air con regas is required.

Book an auto air con regas at Natrad, and our qualified technicians will complete a full check on your car’s air con system to make sure it’s in good condition.