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Natrad Geraldton is your friendly family owned radiator and air conditioning store. Specialising in all manner of heating and cooling solutions for small and large vehicles, we are the place to get great service and expert advice.

Natrad Geraldton is part of the Heavy Duty Specialist group and can offer cooling solutions for your large industrial and heavy duty machinery. If you are a business or mine operator who requires cooling for large machinery, we have the facilities and capability to service and replace radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers, EGR coolers, air conditioning systems and more.

With 3 Natrad WA Franchise of the Year awards and National winners 3 years in a row, we pride ourselves on quality advice and workmanship so if you are in the Mid West and Pilbara regions then speak to us today about your cooling requirements.

We are part of the only network of radiator replacement and repair specialists in Australia that can provide a manufacturer-supported 3-year nationwide warranty. Our Capricorn supplier status means that automotive trade clients can receive extra benefits.

  • Capricorn Preferred Supplier

  • Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) Member

  • 2010 Natrad State Franchise of the Year - WA

  • 2011 Natrad State Franchise of the Year - WA

  • 2012 Natrad State Franchise of the Year - WA

  • 2010 Natrad National Franchise of the Year

  • 2011 Natrad National Franchise of the Year

  • AU License Number: AU 02760

  • What other services do you offer?

    At Natrad Geraldton we are your heavy duty cooling specialists, we can look after any large cooling problems. We also even offer boat heat exchangers, so speak to us today about any cooling job queries.

  • How long have you been a Natrad Franchise?

    We have been a Natrad franchise for 22 years and see great value in the strong network of radiator specialist.

  • How long have you been in the radiator repair industry?

    The combined team experience at Natrad Geraldton is over 185 years! You can trust our radiator and air conditioning knowledge and experience to provide you quality cooling solutions.

  • List what qualifications you and the team have?

    Along with our many years of experience between the team, we also hold our Arctick Air Conditioning license to ensure a comprehensive maintenance is undertaken on your vehicle. You can trust us to understand and know your vehicle.

  • Do you offer a loan vehicle / drop off service?

    For our customers’ convenience we offer a drop off service.

  • Do you have trusted relationships with any businesses around you?

    Over the years we have developed many strong relationships with businesses including many local car dealerships, we also deal regularly with mining sites in the Mid West and Pilbara regions. If these businesses can trust us, then so can you.

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