open view of truck radiator

Looking for a heavy-duty truck radiator replacement?

As trucks are heavy-duty vehicles, the constraints for cooling are much higher. Truck cooling systems need durability, reliability, and performance. Downtime from a failed part costs valuable money, especially with fleets and long-distance hauls. So picking the right radiator is paramount.

As with cars, all trucks are not made equal. Each has varying fit specifications and cooling requirements. That’s why Natrad recommends you look beyond just the replacement stock choice and opt for something better.

Natrad has a range of quality replacement radiators and custom made radiators for maximum cooling performance.

If you need to replace your heavy-duty vehicle radiator, look no further than Natrad HDS workshops across the country.

What radiator fits my truck?

Before going straight to replacing your radiator, it may just need a good clean. Natrad offers free inspections and detailed quotes before going ahead, so you know exactly what to expect.

If there is any damage, it may be possible to restore or re-core the truck radiator back to peak condition. This is a lot simpler with copper/brass radiators as the tanks are easier to remove. Since they are commonly featured in endurance and heavy-duty applications, this might be the case with your radiator. Make sure to check what kind you have before coming in.

An easy way to tell is the colour. Copper/brass radiators have an orange/red tinge on the fins as opposed to the silver of aluminium.

In the instance you do need a complete replacement, Natrad has many standard options available suited to trucks. If you’re interested in an upgrade, Natrad also has Adfuse and Ultra-T choices for added durability and performance.

Materials & Durability

Copper/brass assemblies are most commonly found in truck and heavy machinery applications. Copper/brass is known for increased durability and corrosion resistance in comparison to aluminium assemblies. While copper/brass radiators are quite durable, they can still be vulnerable to repeated forces such as:

  • Vibration
  • High pressure
  • Thermal expansion
  • High temperature
  • Corrosion
  • Stress

Australian conditions can also be punishing, so the durability of the radiator is key for frequent long-distance trips.

Adfuse & Ultra-T

To minimise the possibility of truck radiator failure and downtime, Natrad has access to superior radiator designs such as Adfuse and Ultra-T. These designs are implemented in custom-made radiators and make use of proven techniques that have yielded excellent results again and again.

Adfuse radiators use welded bonds with soldered backfill, rather than soldered bonds in the core. These tube-to-header bonds join at a place of high stress, which can be vulnerable to thermal expansion and vibration over time. Welding provides a much stronger connection and extends the lifespan of the radiator core.

Ultra-T combines superior heat transfer and toughness for the ultra-endurance radiator. Ultra-T cores make use of staggered tube columns, which adds strength in comparison to standard in-line tube radiators. Additionally, the core implements a split louvre fin design which improves heat dissipation and rigidity. Finally, Ultra-T utilises slimmer tubes to aid airflow and better heat transfer.

These designs are combined on a single radiator assembly for enhanced cooling performance and durability. As a custom made unit, the configuration is often tailored to individual needs. If you have specific tight fit requirements or want an exact replacement with better cooling, Natrad HDS custom radiators are the option for you.

What’s next?

To ensure you get the best radiator for your needs, contact your nearest local Natrad HDS for more information. The qualified team can inspect and diagnose any issues, as well as provide a detailed quote for the ideal solution. If needed, repairs and re-cores are also available on certain radiators. For complete replacements, you can choose from a regular radiator, custom design or upgrade.

If you need to replace your heavy-duty vehicle radiator, look no further than Natrad HDS workshops across the country.