How much is car battery replacement?

Is your car having trouble starting?

Your car battery is an essential part of the vehicle’s electrical system. It supplies the power to start the vehicle and maintain its various systems. With the help of the alternator or generator (which keeps the battery charged), this power starts the engine and is distributed to various electrical components such as headlights and dashboard screens.

If you’ve noticed some rough starting or if your car won’t start at all, then there’s a good chance your battery has died. Car batteries can last several years and will often die slowly – giving you some warning before it goes completely. However, sometimes there may be an internal failure due to a bad cell in the battery. In this instance, your car battery may stop working very suddenly.

Does this sound familiar to you? Then you’ll need a new battery. Read on for an estimate of costs.

Selected Natrad stores across the country stock a range of quality car batteries, battery chargers and jump starters. If you need a replacement, talk to your nearest workshop for more info.

How much is car battery replacement?

cost car battery replacement

Battery replacement costs vary significantly, especially in today’s modern market. With the increase in electric vehicles, modern dashboards and stop-start technology, many cars have a large number of electronics to run. Bigger batteries these days are certainly not uncommon. As with any replacement part, the cost will depend on your vehicle.

Some factors that may influence the cost are:

  • Battery size: if you have a large vehicle or one that contains stop-start technology, you will likely need a bigger battery.
  • Electric vehicle: having an EV of course means everything runs entirely off electricity. The battery needed for this kind of car is significantly larger.
  • Labour: labour is always a cost to factor in. With most cars, it shouldn’t be too much as the battery is usually easy to access. Labour costs may increase in instances where other electrical system components need to be repaired or replaced.

Price ranges

Depending on your needs, batteries could range from as little as $139.99 to as high as $1,180. The more expensive types may apply to heavy-duty vehicles, equipment and high-end brands. It may also apply to electric vehicle batteries which have higher capacity and durability.

Signs of a dying battery

Aside from your car not starting at all, several signs can give you a clue of impending failure. These include:

  • Cranking noises or clicking: this may happen when you try to start your car, but nothing happens.
  • Dim lights or electrical issues: when some of your dashboard electronics are not working.
  • Slow starting engine: it may take longer for ignition. This can happen with cranking or clicking noises, but it eventually does start.
  • Dashboard electronics: the battery may have enough juice to power your dash lights but not to start the car.
  • Frequent need for jump starting: as batteries get older, their ability to hold a charge diminishes. Jump starting can get things moving but if this happens regularly, it’s time for a new battery.
  • Old battery: if you know your battery is nearing 5-8 years old, it is likely reaching the end of its life.
  • Visible corrosion: corrosion can sometimes look like fluffy blue residue on the terminals or clamps. It often indicates the presence of leakage or acidic fumes, which means it’s time to replace the battery.

What next

Experiencing any of the above signs? Then it’s time to invest in a new battery. Speak to your local Natrad workshop for guidance on what is best for you. Natrad has access to a wide range of quality vehicle batteries suited to a wide range of applications.