Keep Your Cool in Tough Conditions

One problem with original equipment radiators is that they are designed for “average” driving conditions and roads. In Australia, with our large variation in road surfaces, extreme weather and different loads, it’s not difficult to find yourself driving in conditions that exceed what the vehicle designers expected to be “average”. Lightweight construction is increasingly common with plastic and aluminium alloy radiators being cheaper to make.

It’s no surprise then, if you discover the OE radiator fitted to your truck doesn’t quite cut it when driving conditions get a bit more demanding. With intercoolers and exhaust gas recirculation coolers all adding to the heat load, cooling systems on modern trucks have to work harder than ever.

When OE radiators in the second generation Freightliner Argosy trucks were struggling to cope in Australia’s tough conditions, ADRAD had the know-how to make a radiator upgrade more than tough enough.

Adrad engineers designed a Heavy Duty radiator utilising their proven Ultra-T configuration. This copper/brass, flat fin core has more rows of tube for more cooling performance, so there’s plenty in reserve for when things heat up. Instead of soldering, the tubes can be ADFUSE precision-welded to the header plates for maximum strength and durability. Locally made with this heavy duty construction, Adrad had developed a unique design that is the ideal radiator for hard-working engines operating in Australia’s tough conditions.

There are monetary benefits too. Better engine temperature management keeps the motor operating cooler and more efficiently, so fuel economy improves. Less heat also means less premature wear so mechanical parts can last longer. The bottom line is that a cooling system upgrade will literally pay for itself.

Natrad Heavy Duty Cooling is the most trusted name in heavy vehicle cooling and have provided radiator upgrades to thousands of trucks across Australia. Some radiator upgrades concentrate on achieving increased cooling performance. Others are aimed at providing extra durability to cope with extreme stress and vibration. Many opt for both performance and durability enhancements.

Natrad HDC workshops offer aftermarket radiator upgrades for FREIGHTLINER, MACK SUPERLINER, TITAN and many more applications. These new radiators have been created by Australia’s largest radiator manufacturer, Adrad, and are built to take on just about anything you can throw at them.

As cooling system specialists, Natrad HDC can check your vehicle to identify the optimum cooling solution for your needs and they also provide the best national warranty support. To find your nearest Natrad HDC, go to: or call 1800 437 723.

Image Above: Natrad HDC has Australian made ADRAD copper/brass radiator upgrades for Freightliner Argosy featuring ULTRA-T tubes for extra cooling performance and ADFUSE welding for extreme durability.