Advanced Australian Cooling

The name “Adrad Radiators” is familiar to anyone involved in the vehicle heat exchange industry. The Australian company was founded back in 1985 and during the past 30+ years, it has grown in size and strength, developing a healthy reputation for creating innovative and high quality cooling products.

Similarly experienced is a collection of well-known specialist radiator repairers around the country who proudly wear the “Natrad” name. Amongst these, you’ll find a select group of workshops known as Natrad Heavy Duty Cooling. They have earned the respect and appreciation of thousands of heavy vehicle operators for helping to get their machinery back on the job and running cooler than ever.

Together, these businesses present a formidable combination of knowledge and expertise in heat exchange, enabling them to offer the very best cooling solutions. Adrad’s manufacturing facilities are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and their staff have over 300 years of combined heat exchange experience.

“We operate the most advanced industrial radiator manufacturing facilities in Australia” says Adrad Manufacturing Operations Manager, Brenton Miladinovic. “I personally know all the Natrad HDC Franchisees and we work very closely with them to continually improve our designs and produce the very best performing products”.

Over recent years, this partnership has helped to produce some outstanding high performance truck radiators such as the ADFUSE ULTRA-T. This design is unique to Adrad and was developed to provide exceptionally strong and durable radiators that also deliver high performance cooling. A single ADFUSE radiator core may contain over five hundred tubes that are welded to the header at both ends, so the entire core involves more than 1,000 individual welds. Robots complete each tube weld in less than a second with precision to 0.1mm.

These units are built in Adelaide and can be fitted to most trucks and heavy machinery. A variety of options and configurations can be selected and the right combination will depend on the engine, vehicle type and operating environment. This is where the experience and advice of the Natrad HDC specialist becomes critical in achieving the optimum cooling performance and service life for your particular vehicle and driving conditions.

Natrad HDC have supplied thousands of trucks around the country with an Adrad ADFUSE ULTRA-T Radiator. To enquire about the best cooling solution and advice for your heavy vehicle, locate your nearest Natrad HDC workshop at or call 1800 437 723.

Image above: Adrad’s advanced manufacturing features robotic precision welding for ADFUSE ULTA-T radiators.