Helpful Tips

Preventing problems in your car’s cooling system is easier (and cheaper) than having to rectify them. Early detection of problems can also save you money and the inconvenience of a breakdown.

To ensure you obtain the maximum life of a new radiator and validate your 3-year warranty, book an annual Natrad radiator inspection and service. One of our experienced technicians will complete the following inspections and tests on your radiator:

• Inspect cooling system hoses
• Check hose clamps where required
• Check for worn fan/engine belts
• Inspect the radiator for external and internal corrosion
• Check for evidence of stray current
• Pressure test cooling system and check for any leaks
• Externally inspect water pump and welsh plugs
• Check the radiator cap seal for any leaks or deterioration
• Check for restriction in airflow
• Flush system and refill coolant levels
• Test for Head Gasket leaks & pressurisation.

Call 131 723 to book your annual Natrad Cooling System Inspection & Service.