A guide to picking the right windscreen wiper blades

Are your wipers squeaking?

Ever been annoyed on a rainy day by wipers that just can’t seem to cut through the water?

You’re not alone. It’s actually recommended that you change your wipers roughly every 12 months, as normal wear and tear will reduce their effectiveness. Harsh UV rays can also damage the rubber, resulting in smearing and reduced vision during downpours. This can take away valuable seconds from a driver’s reaction time.

Another unexpected side effect is… squeaking. Especially if you’re only using them to quickly clean your windscreen or clear some pesky drizzles of rain. Want to get rid of that annoying sound?

Head to your local Natrad store and enquire about our huge range of windscreen wiper blades.

windscreen wiper

A guide to picking the right windscreen wiper blades

If you’re in need of new wiper blades it can be difficult to choose the right ones when there are so many options!

That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-follow guide on how to make the best choice for your car.

Why you should change your wipers

Aside from annoying your fellow passengers with endless squeaking, an old or damaged wiper blade won’t adequately clear your car’s windscreen.

That’s a major safety issue! Smears, streaks and unwiped sections reduce visibility significantly. Seeing any hazards on the road as soon as possible is crucial, especially in wet weather. You can prevent an accident by keeping your wipers up to date.

So, how do you choose a replacement?

First and foremost, fitting size.

You can usually find the correct size either in your owner’s manual or by finding the fitment information on your current wipers. You might find something like 560mm or 22″ in length. Once you have found the right size, next is choosing the type of wiper.

Type of wiper blade

A good first step is determining whether you need front wipers or a rear wiper as well. They are sold separately so make sure you find measurements for both.

Once you know what you need, then it’s time to choose – and not all wiper blades are created equal. While some standard replacements might do the job, Natrad has a range of high-quality OE design blades that will enhance your experience.

One of them includes the Hydroconnect range by Valeo, using an innovative multi-connection system to easily swap in and out on your vehicle. The “plug and drive” system means you can attach new wipers to the existing arm by choosing the appropriate included adapter.

Hydroconnect wipers also deliver on performance. With a 100% flat blade for precision clean wipes, the durable rubber and asymmetrical spoiler technology can prevent streaks for longer than the average wiper.

Just speak to your local Natrad store for more information on this range!

What next

Natrad has a huge range of quality brands of wiper blades for your windscreen. Just seek out your local shop to speak with a specialist who can help. There’s plenty to choose from!