Heavyweight cooling performance

Heavyweight Cooling Performance from Natrad HDS

Australia’s rough roads are known worldwide for being tough on vehicles and our punishing summer heat is also legendary. No real surprise then, if you discover the original equipment radiator fitted to your truck doesn’t quite cut it for Australia’s harsh conditions.

Natrad Heavy Duty Cooling are the most trusted name in heavy vehicle cooling and have provided radiator upgrades to thousands of trucks across Australia. Some radiator upgrades concentrate on achieving increased cooling performance. Others provide extra durability to cope with extreme stress and vibration. Many deliver both performance and durability enhancements.

Natrad HDS workshops are pleased to offer the VOL824TCM, a new aftermarket radiator upgrade for MACK SUPERLINER & TITAN applications that ticks all the boxes. This new radiator has been created by Australia’s largest radiator manufacturer, Adrad, and is built to take on just about anything you can throw at it.

Packing a high performance, Ultra-T copper core with welded brass tube and Adrad’s unique extended hem fin facing (for impact protection), this unit is optimised for heavy duty cooling. Super-strong ADFUSE precision-welded headers continue the bullet-proof theme and is finished with fully TIG-welded, fabricated steel tanks. With all these features, the Adrad aftermarket upgrade radiator is a “heavyweight bruiser” when compared to the “flyweight” original with its relatively fragile plastic tanks and aluminium core.

Don’t allow the summer heat and punishing roads to put your cooling system on the ropes. Nip into a Natrad HDS for serious cooling performance you can rely on.

The heavy duty radiator configuration featured here is also available for many other applications, so enquire about one for your particular vehicle. The Adrad Radiators brand is highly respected with a proven track record in quality and cooling performance. Combined with the wealth of experience and exceptional service from Natrad HDS, this combination is a powerful one-two punch that knocks out all other competitors.

As cooling system specialists, Natrad HDS can check your vehicle and identify the best solution for your application and provide the best national warranty support.

Image above:  Adrad VOL824TCM delivers performance and durability upgrades over the OE unit.