Cooling Solutions that Rock!

20 years in the industry and growing stronger, Natrad HDS Rockhampton is a highly successful, family run business and is a leading store for the national Natrad HDS group.

Having been in their new Maloney Street facility for 2 years now, Natrad HDS Rockhampton has all the space and equipment needed to handle big cooling jobs with ease. Complete with a giant test tank and 2 overhead cranes, they can provide the quickest turnaround time for transport operators to keep their trucks on the road and delivering freight.

Large vehicles can drive straight in and the whole job is completed on the premises. This high level of service is just what the trucking industry requires, and products include the very latest in cooling technology from Adrad.

Natrad customer Rocky’s Own Transport, based in Rockhampton, central Queensland, is a unique and renowned consistent provider of high quality service. With an extensive scope of operations, Rocky’s Own specialises in the provision of service excellence for difficult and complex freight and logistics tasks.

Mark Chardon – Workshop Manager at Rocky’s Own tells us that he always gets the best overall cooling solution from Natrad HDS Rockhampton. Adfuse Ultra-T type high performance radiator cores are the preferred choice to keep the predominantly Kenworth fleet of Rocky’s Own running at the optimum temperatures.

This Natrad workshop has been providing heavy duty cooling for Rocky’s Own Transport for over 15 years, and helps to ensure they stay on the road, delivering freight on time.

“To enable Rocky’s Own to consistently provide our customers with the best service, we have trusted Natrad HDS Rockhampton for over 15 years with our fleet” says Mark Chardon. “We have grown to 84 prime movers due to our ability to get the job done and we appreciate the reliable, professional service and quality workmanship provided by the team at Natrad HDS Rockhampton”.

Both businesses pride themselves on the highest levels of service and state-of-the-art solutions for their customers.

Joel Heazlewood and his family have made a large investment to enable Natrad HDS Rockhampton to keep pace with future growth needs in the area. Their workshop was awarded 2016 Natrad National Franchise of the year in recognition of their excellence. They are planning ahead and looking forward to building their cooling business even stronger over the next 15 years.

For heavy vehicles, equipment, passenger cars or 4x4s, contact the specialists at Natrad HDS. They have the product range and expertise to provide the best cooling solution for your application. You can find your nearest Natrad HDS store here.

Image Above (left to right):  Joel Heazlewood (Operations Manager – Natrad HDS Rockhampton), Annette McKeand (Major Account Manager – Rocky’s Own), Ron Wilson (Long term employee at Rocky’s Own) and Steve Jones (QLD Regional Manager – Natrad).